Aug 2017 15

It’s a warm summer’s day, the kids are restless and want to play at the beach but all you want to do is stick your nose in a book and listen to the water lapping the shore.

Well here at Bluestone we’ve come up with a sand-free beach alternative that’s bound to strike the right balance of family fun with fuss-free relaxation.


  1. You hate the ‘sand’ in sandwiches!

Sand in your toes, sand in your cheese sandwiches, and sand designed to take the skin off your legs in the pre-car rub down when you leave the beach.

We all love the beach, but let’s face it, no one likes the sticky itchy skin that’s so much more sensitive to the sun, right? Well at the Blue Lagoon Water Park you get all the fun of the seaside without the gritty stuff!



  1. You love jumping in the waves with your little one, but you hate the bawling when they get a mouthful of saltwater.


At the Blue Lagoon we have all the fun of the waves, the bracing thrill as they break across your legs, but he crystal blue water here is salt and seaweed free!


  1. You can’t get used to the Olympic-level pushing of the pushchair or wheelchair across the softest sand.


There’s nothing like racing down to the shoreline with your kids, your arms filled with windbreakers, towels, water and sun cream but the pushchair wheels just keep getting stuck.


Take the hassle away by pulling up a lounger and putting up your feet. There’s no major walk to the seafront here!



  1. You don’t need to get all red-faced blowing up the inflatable to keep the kids entertained in the water


Not only are there waves to jump and swim in, there’s also the rapids river ride and two exciting water flumes that exit into the outside elements before returning with a splash into the pool area – guaranteed to make the children smile.


  1. Much as you love the British weather, you don’t trust it not to suddenly rain or to blow your towels away with a gale-force blast of wind.


No need to worry, the Blue Lagoon water park takes wild adventures to the next level in a temperature-controlled environment that’s great throughout the year. The only water you’ll see is from the pool.


  1. Beach hair may suit the model with golden tresses in Marie Claire but you despair when your comb gets stuck in the crusty matting of sand where you hair used to be.


As well as being just moments from a nice hot shower (and your bottle of conditioner) you’re probably not going to get in such a tangle with our salt-free water (see reason #2).



  1. Dad might be great at posing in his red bathers but he’s no David Hasselhoff.


Thankfully, when it comes to keeping an eye on your little ones we have as many as ten lifeguards at hand to make sure they don’t get into any trouble and enjoy the water safely.



  1. The shipwreck they want to explore is safe


While the adventurers explore the water-filled fun in the pirates’ shipwreck Torrwr Mor, the younger ones can enjoy the little water cove. You don’t even have to get wet. You can chill on the poolside and read a book in our beach loungers and chairs while sampling some great food and drink from the Fish Shack or head upstairs to the Blue Lagoon Café.



  1. No Seagulls will steal your chips

There’s nothing like hearing the cry of a seabird to make you feel like you’re at the seaside but having a seagull dive bombing you for your snacks is just plain annoying. You can enjoy a cold snack from The Fish Shack, located downstairs in the Blue Lagoon with a range of hot and cold drinks, including smoothies and milkshakes, ice creams, sandwiches and snacks.



  1. The tide’s always in.


Much as we love the exercise of racing down to the waves, no one likes the epic walk back to find your beach towel, especially when the wind is up.

At the Blue Lagoon, you can find the lapping shores in just a few steps.