Aug 2013 12

Hundreds of youngsters from throughout Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire have undergone training from lifeguards at the Blue Lagoon water park, near Narberth, to ensure they stay safe near open water this summer as part of the Get Safe 4 Summer campaign.

With the recent hot weather a number of young people throughout the UK have already died after going swimming and getting into difficulty in the sea, rivers and lakes.

But as part of the Blue Lagoon’s annual Get Safe 4 Summer campaign, young people throughout the area have been taught about staying safe, getting help when in difficulty and ways they can help a friend or family in difficulty in water.

The campaign has been backed by the Royal Life Saving Society. It recently awarded the Blue Lagoon, near Narberth, with a 97 per cent rating during a quality assurance visit.

“Young people like to get out and enjoy themselves in the holidays, with many going to the local beaches and rivers, especially during the hot weather we’ve been having,” said David Crews, Manager at the Blue Lagoon.

“Our lifeguards visited 75 schools throughout Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire before the holidays to explain the risks and dangers of water. They helped them to understand important elements, such as knowing the beach flag warnings, how to rescue a friend or family member safely and to get help, as well as elements including first aid.”

He added: “Two qualified lifeguards visited each school and all the children involved in the workshops received a certificate. The main emphasis was to get them to understand how dangerous water can be.”

“We hear all to often about young people getting into trouble or drowning in water – especially in recent weeks with the hot weather. The Get Safe 4 Summer campaign mounted by the Blue Lagoon lifeguards is a great way to ensure young people understand the dangers and learn how to deal with such circumstances. After all, it could help save a life.”

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