Feb 2015 03

Jaws Night

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Is there a better motivator to swim faster?

We’ve all been there, swimming in the water leisurely and that song appears in the corner of your mind!

Well Blue Lagoon Wales are proud to present Wales’ first dive through interactive movie experience.

Enjoy all of the waterpark’s features including fast flumes, wild waves, blood red water and interactive entertainment all based around a great white screen to view JAWS the movie.

Sit back, relax, pull up a deck chair on the beach or  lie in the shallow waters to watch this 1975 Steven Spielberg classic.

Big bites are also available from the beach side Fish shack.

Join us if you dare to enter the water from 6-9pm between the 4th-7th March.

To book online please click on the link below and choose from 4th – 7th March in the Calendar.

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