Swimming Lessons| 10 week course

Your little ones can learn to swim in the warm surroundings of the Bluelagoon. We have a fantastic NEW range of swimming lessons to aid them into becoming water confident. We are working closely with Learn to Swim Wales to deliver two distinct awards Splash and Wave.

Splash is the foundation and introduction to the aquatic environment, aimed at adults and children, and children independently developing skills in the water.

Wave awards are intended for children who want to learn swimming fundamentals from the age of 4 years. The aim is to introduce children to water safety, learn aquatic and swimming skills. The Wave packages will take a small group of children through stages 1-6 in line with Pembrokeshire county council school term dates.

Splash awards

Splash 5&6| 5.30pm | Monday

The Splash award allows young swimmers to progress and develop their skills, through to being more confident and independent in the water and ready to transition into the Wave programme. (Please note we are only offering stages 5-6 in Splash)


TO BOOK: Call 01834 869900 extension 560 (Available between 10am and 5pm daily)

Wave awards

Wave 1 | 6.00pm |Monday


  • Develop water confidence
  • Be safe in the water
  • Learn basic floating, sculling an breathing techniques
  • Start to learn front crawl, backstroke and either breaststroke or butterfly


Wave 2 | 6.30pm| Monday


  • Be able to jump into the pool without goggles
  • Improve sculling, floating and breathing techniques
  • Glide in a streamlined position
  • Swim short distances of front crawl, backstroke and either breaststroke or butterfly


Wave 3 | 6.00pm |Tuesday


  • Collect an object from the pool floor
  • Improve sculling and floating
  • Learn how to tread water
  • Learn the safe code and beach flags
  • Swim short distancing of all four strokes: frontcrawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Wave 4 | 6.30pm | Tuesday


  • Learn how to dolphin kick underwater
  • Learn the HELP position
  • Improve floating and treading water techniques
  • Improve the techniques of all four strokes

Wave 5 | 7.45pm |Tuesday


  • Learn different shaped jumps without goggles
  • Learn how to forward somersault and handstand in the water
  • Improve sculling and personal survival techniques
  • Swim longer distances in all four strokes
  • This session is 45 minutes

Wave 6 | 7.45 |Tuesday


  • Learn how to warm up properly for exercise and why
  • Learn how to do a backwards somersault,  head first surface dive and sitting dive
  • Improve personal survival techniques, including swimming with cloths on
  • Swim longer distances in all four strokes, concentrating on technique
  • This session is 45 minutes

TO BOOK: Call 01834 869900 extension 560

(Available between 10am and 5pm daily)