Sep 2011 20

What else is there to do on Friday evenings? Homework? Sit in front of the television?

How about a bit of splashtastic fun at the Blue Lagoon water park with Wild Water? Sounds a bit more fun.

On Friday, why not start the weekend off with a bang? Let the Blue Lagoon really kick off your weekend with some wild water antics.

Every Friday between 6pm and 9pm you can get all the Blue Lagoons best bits: waves, slides, flumes and the lazy river – all mixed together with the hottest tunes echoing around the Blue Lagoon.

Wild Water isn’t just any old visit to the Blue Lagoon. Every activity is turned up to the max. Even the lazy river is more like a river rapid and the waves are only for the bravest of souls.

Have three hours of fun for just £6 per person and remember to book online to get a 10 per cent discount.