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Your little one can learn to swim in the warm surroundings of The Blue Lagoon. Lessons start at 5:30pm – 7pm on Monday 5 January where an ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) qualified teacher will guide your child through the first steps towards becoming a confident swimmer.

Aimed at 3-8 year olds, the Lagoon Dolphins package will take small classes of children through stages 1 – 5 of swimming in ten 30 minute sessions.

For little ones with limited experience in the water, Lagoon Ducklings is the perfect way to increase your 3 – 4 year old’s confidence prior to starting stage 1 of the Lagoon Dolphins sessions. Classes are limited to four children per 30 minute session. (Parents are required to attend but do not need to enter the water). Course is £50.

Monday 5 January 5.30pm-7pm (Ducklings followed by stages 1 & 2)
Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm (stages 3, 4 and 5)

  • Stage 1 develops your child’s basic safety awareness, covering basic movements in the water using aids such as arm bands and floats.
  • Stage 2 children learn about safe entry into the water such as jumping, basic floating, travelling on the front for five metres and rotating the body.
  • Stage 3 children learn to travel up to ten metres on the front and back and gain further water safety knowledge.
  • Stage 4 develops the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills. Children refine their kicking and stroke techniques. The ASA standard directs that children must be able to swim ten meters by this stage.
  • Stage 5 children learn watermanship through sculling and treading water.

Assessment will be made throughout the course. Children will be given equal opportunity to demonstrate their ability before they are approved to progress to the next stage.

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Rookie Lifeguard Courses are back!

Rookie Lifeguard Classes at Blue Lagoon are the ideal way to keep those energetic 7-12 year olds busy! On Mondays 6pm-7pm your child will learn how to become a Rookie, taking in a wide range of important lifesaving skills. Our very own team of qualified lifeguards will teach self survival, CPR, First Aid and much more on this fun ten week course.

On completion, each Rookie Lifeguard will receive a Royal Lifesaving Society Rookie Lifeguard certificate. Spaces are limited for this highly popular course, so be sure to pre book now. Course is £50.

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